LifeSaver is a self-inflating horseshoe lifebuoy designed for all types of boats, both big and small.

Its small size and light weight makes it easy to stow, attractive design and above all, easy to throw, both far and accurately. As soon as it hits the water, the horseshoe lifebuoy inflates automatically. Both LiveSaver models are equipped with a drift anchor to prevent the lifebuoy from blowing away from the person in distress.

LifeSaver was developed in cooperation with the Swedish Sea Rescue Society.

This was done because none of the inflatable lifebuoys on the market met their rigorous safety requirements. The objective was to produce a new lifebuoy in which all of the weak points in the existing products had been dealt with. The project was a success. Today, the Swedish Sea Rescue Society uses LifeSaver in its efforts to save lives. We take this as proof that we have hit the mark. Other areas where LifeSaver could be put to good use includes patrolling the coasts, the emergency services and when kayaking.