We have selected a producer BALTIC of Sweden, that is one of the global leaders in marine safety with more than 35 years of experience.BALTIC LOGO

Our philosophy is that:

  • only a lifejacket that is worn is of any use – and
  • only a lifejacket that is comfortable is worn
Life Jacket Buoyancy is measured in Newtons (N), 10N = 1Kg of Flotation.
There are Four European Standards for lifejacket buoyancy. All Lifejackets must have an Approved CE Mark.50 Newton Buoyancy. Standard Newton rating for Bouyancy Aids, recommended for usage for swimming in sheltered and attended waters, with assistance close by. The buoyancy level does not guarantee to self right a person in the water.
Buoyancy Aids are popular with people who find their activities always have them in the water! Examples being windsurfing, dinghy sailing and water skiing.100 Newton Buoyancy. A lifejacket suitable for those who are likely to be in calm and sheltered waters. It is unlikely to provide enough buoyancy to protect someone who can’t fend for themselves, and crucially it may not be strong enough to self right an unconscious person onto their back, especially if the person is heavy in weight, or wearing lots of heavy items of clothing.

150 Newton Buoyancy. A suitable lifejacket for inshore and Coastal sailing. The buoyancy level should also mean that it can cope with general offshore sailing and rougher weather. It should self right an unconsciuos person onto their backs, and crucially keep their face out of the water. It’s performance may be affected if the user is wearing heavy and waterproof clothing.

275 Newton Buoyancy. A suitable lifejacket for offshore cruising and commercial sailing. Suitable levels of buoyancy for the most extreme weather conditions out on the water, and they’re designed to work with people who will be wearing full foul weather clothing. The lifejacket will self right the wearer onto their back, and keep their face out of the water.

Duchess of Cambridge wears a BALTIC life jacket while racing against her husband, with Team New Zealand during a match race on April 14th 2014…Picture-614