BALTIC – Mako Manual Lifejacket – Grey/black

CHF 155.77 incl. 8.1% VAT


  • Buoyancy 165 Newton
  • 33g CO2
  • Manual inflation
  • Crutch strap included
  • Whistle included
  • 5 year warranty
  • Developed together with fishermen
  • Approved according to EN ISO 12402-3
  • Developed in Sweden
  • Made in Europe


Mako life jacket from Baltic has been developed together with experienced fishermen to make the perfect life jacket for this purpose. Mako is an inflatable lifejacket with 165N carrying capacity and is certified according to EN ISO 12402–3. The life jacket offers many different functions that are particularly suitable for sport fishing, a zippered pocket on the outside of the life jacket and an easily accessible mesh pocket for e.g. the control of the electric motor. Mako is also equipped with an inspection window that shows with the valve’s green indicators that the life jacket is loaded and ready for use. D-ring for dead man’s grip and a strap for attachment to hooks and the like.

A lifejacket saves lives. It is designed to always turn the user to a supine position and keep the airways clear above the water surface by a good margin, even if the user is unconsciousness or cannot swim. Lifejackets are available with inflatable lung or with solid buoyant material, common to all is that in the activated position they have most of the buoyancy on the front and a sturdy collar that supports and holds up the head.

Available in one size (40 – 150 kg) with a chest width of 70 – 150 cm.

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