03 RE (Racing Elite) is a double-scale compass that allows sailors to read the actual course on port and starboard tack from the helmsman’s normal position at the rail.

The double scale is divided into a green starboard and a red port scale where the figures correspond on port and starboard tack since the scales are separately offset by +/- 40° from top scale. In this way, you only have to remember one figure. This is a great benefit in triangular course sailing, where racers need to watch the wind shifts, rather than their actual course. The top scale also enables course-reading on downwind or checking the start line position. All this makes the 103RE perfect for dinghy racing.

SILVA 103RE Compass Features

  • Double scales: Can be read from front and above
  • Port and Starboard tack indication
  • Curved lubber lines allow accurate reading from different angles
  • Flush and bracket mount
  • Accuracy of ± 0,5° (8.9 mils)
  • Waterproof