LifeSaver® LS101



LifeSaver is a self-inflating horseshoe lifebuoy designed for all types of boats, both big and small.

It’s rugby-ball shape makes it easy to stow, attractive to see and above all, easy to throw, both far and accurately. As soon as it hits the water, the outer casing opens and the horseshoe lifebuoy inflates automatically. The outer casing is attached to the lifebuoy by a cord and acts as a drift anchor to prevent the lifebuoy from blowing away from the person in distress.

LifeSaver was developed in cooperation with the Swedish Sea Rescue Society.

This was done because none of the inflatable lifebuoys on the market met their rigorous safety requirements. The objective was to produce a new lifebuoy in which all of the weak points in the existing products had been dealt with. The project was a success. Today, the Swedish Sea Rescue Society uses LifeSaver in its efforts to save lives. We take this as proof that we have hit the mark. Other areas where LifeSaver could be put to good use include patrolling the coasts, the emergency services and when kayaking.

LifeSaver is available wherever boating equipment and accessories are sold, throughout the country.

Rescue close at hand

Its light weight and convenient shape make LifeSaver easy to stow onboard. The casing is made of UV and impact resistant plastic. The lifebuoy is made of a highly durable polyurethane-coated nylon fabric. LifeSaver can be easily fitted in the pulpit or on other railings with the stainless steel clip (accessory).Our stowing box (accessory) allows LifeSaver to discreetly blend in with other interior fittings. The accessory re-arming kit makes it possible to use LifeSaver numerous times. Weight 790 g (27.8 oz). Length 310 mm (12.2 in). Diameter 125 mm (4.9 in).

Experience the advantages of LifeSaver

  • Self-inflating
  • Easy to throw into the wind
  • Includes a sea anchor, does not blow away
  • Compact and easy to reach
  • Clearly visible in the water
  • Fits people of all sizes, including children
  • Very durable
  • Can be re-armed after use
  • Easy to fasten around the body
  • A person wearing the lifebuoy can be lifted
  • It is possible to swim while wearing the lifebuoy
  • Easy to remove from its holder
  • Attractive design

How LifeSaver works

The horseshoe lifebuoy (1) and the water-sensitive inflation mechanism (3) are protected by a watertight casing (2). When LifeSaver is thrown, it opens 1-2 centimetres (ª 0.5-1 in), exposing the inflation mechanism to water. Once in the water, the mechanism is activated and the horseshoe lifebuoy inflates automatically. The open casing is attached to the lifebuoy by a cord and acts as a sea anchor, preventing the lifebuoy from blowing away.

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