• Model: Unisex
  • Size: 40-130kg

iFloat is anew product designed to give the user maximum freedom and comfort..  ideal for Stand Up Paddle or Windsurfing

The iFloat is contained in a compact pocket fitted to an adjustable waist belt. Because the iFloat fits around the waist this ensures the wearer has total freedom of movement.

Deployment could not be simpler: just pull the iFloat out of the holder place over the head and pull the gas inflation toggle. When inflated the iFloat provides 50 respectively 150 Newton of buoyancy and after deployment is easy to deflate and rearm.

Baltic has earnt a reputation for high quality lifejackets and buoyancy aids and over 30 years has grown to be the largest manufacturer in Europe. This new concept of the iFloat is to provide another option to help improve safety in and around water.