SEA TAGS : Easy-to-use and affordable Man Over Board System




When wristbands are turned on, they continuously transmit a signal that one or more Smartphones can monitor using the application.



Your Smartphone signals an alarm if the wristband wearer falls overboard…


When a wristband is immersed, the signal is interrupted and the monitoring phone (or phones) automatically triggers an alarm and records the GPS position at the time of the incident.



The Sea-Tags application displays the MOB’s position, the real-time position of the boat, and provides real-time updates of the heading and distance to retrieve the MOB.



Technical Specifications
LENGTH : 36 mm | WIDTH : 32 mm | THICKNESS : 9 mm | WEIGHT : 13 grams | BATTERY : CR2032 – 3Volts | BATTERY LIFE (continuous use) : 600 hours | COVERAGE : 100 m in open environment | FREQUENCY : 4 per second | WATERPROOF : IP67 | USES BLUETOOTH TECHNOLOGY | CERTIFICATION CE, FCC & IC.