BALTIC – Athena 165 Harness – female specific lifejacket – Black/Grey

CHF 244.95 incl. 8.1% VAT


  • Buoyancy 165 Newton
  • 33g CO2
  • Automatic inflation
  • Integrated safety harness
  • Crutch strap included
  • Whistle included
  • 5 year guarantee


Product code: 1665


Baltic first female specific lifejacket.

Introducing the Athena, Baltic’s first lifejacket designed with a pure focus on women. By placing the valve horizontally under the bust, the lifejacket gains a better fit and distributes the weight.  Combined with good adjustment possibilities it results in a neat and flexible model regardless of body shape. The Athena is a lightweight, slim, and supple lifejacket. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to put on without it having to go over your head, and it’s easily secured in place with a padded Velcro and quick release buckle. It comes with padding for extra comfort and an airy mesh lining.

Technical specifications

The Athena is fitted with:

  • a windows that through valves green indicators show that the life jacket is charged and ready for use.
  • Detachable crotch strap and whistle.
  • 165N carrying capacity and is classified as a life jacket.
  • The vest is closes with acid-proof interlock fittings and a padded Velcro that provides a soft protective layer between the body / clothes and the fitting.
  • The vest’s harness has a woven loop.


A lifejacket saves lives. It is designed to always turn the user to a supine position and keep the airways clear above the water surface by a good margin, even if the user is unconsciousness or cannot swim. Lifejackets are available with inflatable lung or with solid buoyant material, common to all is that in the activated position they have most of the buoyancy on the front and a sturdy collar that supports and holds up the head.


Available in one size (40 – 120 Kg) with a chest width of 70 – 140 cm.

Other color options:  navy/white, and white/pink.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg