True Heading AB provides years of experience in the telematic and AIS field. Our extensive network of resources gives a small company the profile of a large and the capacity of achieving complicated goals in a flexible and customer adapted way at the same time as we offer a low cost and quick results. We are able to provide turnkey solutions within our entire range of services and are committed in providing top quality services to our partners and clients.


We’re proud to say that True Heading knew AIS before it was invented. The directors of True Heading have over 40 years of experience in navigation. This experience extends from professional navigation and surveying within administrations and navies to radio and product design in multinational companies – even specialising in AIS when it was first being developed in Sweden. We are all passionate sailors and yachtsmen that love what we do, so we always ensure our products are developed to a standard that we ourselves are happy to rely on when it really counts.