Product Description

The NEXUS nWIND Race Wind transducer overcomes the problem of upwash affecting the

accuracy of wind information by raising the sensor above the mast top. The nWIND
Race transducer connects directly to the Nexus network providing 30% faster data
transmission to the system whilst allowing you to store calibration tables in the
system for True Wind Angle (TWA) and True Wind Speed (TWS). The result is
extremely accurate and fast wind data information which is all good news for the
racing yachtsman. As with both the wireless and conventional forward-facing
masthead wind sensors, each unit is factory calibrated to take out any sensor
anomalies. This results in very accurate wind speed and direction information.
These calibration values are permanently stored within the masthead unit. Using
the FDX software provided with every NX2 and NXR pack, it is possible to calibrate
the masthead unit to also take the effects of wind shear into account, making this a
highly accurate wind sensor for both the racing and cruisingyachtsmen. The nWIND
Race transducer offers three mounting options: a conventional flat base, which is
screwed to the top of the mast, a spigot type base, and for those unable to fit the
vertical bracket a forward mounting option.
Dimensions: 117.2cm
Weight: 320g
Enclosure: Waterproof
Power supply: 12V DC (10-16V)
Current consumption: 20mA at 12V
Accuracy: Angle ± 0.5%. Speed: ± 0.5 m/s (kts, bf)
: 22mm Spigot